Ever since the technology for balloon sinuplasty was approved by the FDA in 2005, thousands of sinus sufferers have found relief with balloon sinuplasty.
Balloon sinuplasty is a less invasive option to
chronic sinusitis surgery; it can be performed in-office in about 20 minutes, and it can produce dramatic, positive results.

If you struggle with chronic sinus problems, check out our “What is Balloon Sinuplasty?” post and read on to better understand why balloon sinuplasty before and after transformations are so life-changing.

Understanding the “before” of balloon sinuplasty before & after transformations

If you aren’t very familiar with the role of your sinuses, here’s a quick primer.

The sinuses are (normally) empty cavities found within your face. When healthy, they are lined with a very light coat of mucus that helps catch bacteria and other unwanted substances, filtering and humidifying the air before it makes its way to your lungs.

Sinus problems occur when the sinuses become inflamed, clogged, or narrowed. These issues can cause an array of sinus problems (take our sinus quiz to find out more) such as sinus pressure, congestion, rhinitis, sinus infections, and more. In turn, these various problems can be minimized with an array of sinus treatment options — everything from decongestants to chronic sinusitis surgery.  

For many years, these treatment options were either temporary or invasive, and they required a long recovery time. However, balloon sinuplasty changed all of that. This particular procedure involves the painless insertion of a catheter into your nasal passages. A small balloon attached to the catheter is inflated slightly, expanding the nasal sinuses and providing sinus relief.

Most people think this sounds too good to be true, and we’re often asked questions such as  “What are the risks of balloon sinuplasty?” “Is balloon sinuplasty effective?” and “Does balloon sinuplasty hurt?”

We’ll discuss the answers to these questions in a moment, but we’re confident sharing that balloon sinuplasty is low-risk, produces long-lasting results, and causes very little, if any, pain. Any discomfort you may feel will only be temporary. In the long run, this minor discomfort is negligible compared to the suffering you may have endured during the “before” of your balloon sinuplasty before and after transformation.

The “after” of balloon sinuplasty before & after transformations

Like with any procedure, it’s natural to want to know if balloon sinuplasty has any downfalls, particularly right after the procedure. Are there complications after balloon sinuplasty? What are the common balloon sinuplasty problems?

We are happy to report that balloon sinuplasty complications are rather minimal. Should you experience discomfort after balloon sinuplasty (such as a headache after balloon sinuplasty) it is typically treatable with simple OTC anti-inflammatory medication. It is also natural for there to be a very small amount of bleeding after the procedure.

However, the benefits of balloon sinuplasty far outweigh these temporary inconveniences.

After balloon sinuplasty, patients tell us they experience a reduction in sinus-related issues, including a reduction in sinus headaches, congestion, and the occurrence of frequent sinusitis. Patients also tell us that, after balloon sinuplasty, they can breathe easier (and snore less) than they have in years.

Now you might be wondering, “How long do the effects of balloon sinuplasty last?”

While the treatment is still relatively new, the majority of our patients report long-term relief from sinus problems after completing a balloon sinuplasty procedure. In other words, the positive impact of balloon sinuplasty before and after transformations can last for a long time.

Ready to experience your own balloon sinuplasty before & after transformation?  

Dr. Bequer and his team at Sinus Solutions of South Florida are proud to provide balloon sinuplasty in Tampa and the West Palm Beach area. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the balloon sinuplasty procedure, including “Am I a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?” and “What is the average cost of balloon sinuplasty?”

Just think, with balloon sinuplasty, it’s now possible to end your sinus suffering in less than half an hour. If you’re ready to experience your own balloon sinuplasty before and after transformation, call Sinus Solutions of South Florida or book a consultation online today.

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