After asking the question “What is balloon sinuplasty,” we’ve discovered that the majority of follow-up inquiries regarding balloon sinuplasty center around what to expect after balloon sinuplasty.

For many, the balloon sinuplasty procedure symbolizes a light at the end of the tunnel after years of allergy and sinus treatments or researching how to treat chronic sinusitis. However, patients still want to know how quickly they can receive relief and how quickly they can get back to their lives after the procedure.

If you’re one of the many patients who has taken our sinus quiz and is curious about what happens post-balloon sinuplasty, you should find the following information helpful.   

How long does it take to recover from balloon sinuplasty?

Patients wondering what to expect after balloon sinuplasty almost always ask us, “What is the recovery time for balloon sinuplasty?” For some patients, they’re specifically wondering how long they should expect to spend in the hospital post-procedure. For others, they’re more worried about how long it will be before they can get back to work.

Fortunately, since balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure, patients are able to go home the same day they undergo a balloon sinuplasty procedure. However, after the procedure, it’s a good idea to have a designated driver for the trip back home.

As for how long to take off before going back to work and other activities, many of our patients only take two days to rest and recover.

Best practices for balloon sinuplasty aftercare

After your balloon sinuplasty surgery, your doctor will have simple suggestions for how to take care of your nose and nasal passageways. Here’s what to expect after balloon sinuplasty:

Rest: Remember to give your body time to recover — 12 to 24 hours at a minimum.

Rinse: Your doctor will give you a nasal spray that will help you rinse out your nasal passageway. The typical wait time between “doses” is four hours.

Resist blowing your nose: Your nose and nasal passages need a little R&R after balloon sinuplasty. If you can, try not to blow your nose for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Remember to take medication: To help mediate any pain you might have after the procedure, you may receive a prescription or recommendations on which OTC pain medication to take. Call your doctor before deviating from these medicines.  

Are there frequently reported complications after balloon sinuplasty?

After balloon sinuplasty, complaints and complications are few and far between. One of our favorite things to bring up when going over what to expect after balloon sinuplasty is that many patients experience no pain at all after the procedure.

However, everyone’s body reacts differently. Here are a few of the minor inconveniences that may occur post-procedure:

The need for nasal irrigation after balloon sinuplasty is common, as is mentioned above in the section on aftercare best practices.

Headaches and nasal congestion after balloon sinuplasty can also occur. Typically, these issues clear up in a few days and go away with medications prescribed by your doctor. As a helpful tip, many patients find that elevating their heads during sleep can alleviate congestion.

Finally, you may experience some natural, post-procedure bleeding. Frequent bleeding should stop one day after the procedure; however, if bleeding persists after two days, you should check in with your doctor.

How long after sinus surgery can I exercise?

While most patients return to work two days after balloon sinuplasty, it’s best to wait at least one week before attempting any type of strenuous activity or exercise. After 24 hours, however, light exercise such as walking is encouraged.

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