Are you worried about congestion after balloon sinuplasty? While balloon sinuplasty is an extremely safe procedure, some patients have reported dealing with headaches and congestion after balloon sinuplasty.

The good news is that these side effects, if experienced, typically go away within a day and do not return.  

Many doctors recommend balloon sinuplasty to their patients who experience frequent sinus infections and other drainage issues due to its simplicity and short recovery period. If you recently underwent the procedure and are experiencing congestion after balloon sinuplasty —  or if you are doing preliminary research — this guide should hopefully provide you with the answers to any questions regarding balloon sinuplasty recovery.  

How does balloon sinuplasty work?

Before we get into why patients may briefly experience congestion after balloon sinuplasty, we first need to review what the procedure entails.

  1. Your physician inserts a tiny and flexible balloon catheter into the inflamed or blocked sinus passageways.
  2. Your physician inflates the balloon catheter, enlarging the opening of your blocked sinuses so that mucus can drain more freely.
  3. The physician sends a saline solution through the catheter and into your sinuses. This solution clears out any excess mucus blocking the sinus cavity.

Unlike invasive sinus surgeries that may require the removal of nasal bone or poking and prodding in the sinus cavities, balloon sinuplasty is simpler. The primary tools used are a tiny flexible tube, a balloon, and some saline solution. 

No wonder the recovery time is brief and side effects are minimal!

Will balloon sinuplasty help my sinusitis issues? 

If your sinus infection won’t go away, you have difficulty sleeping with chronic sinusitis, and your sinus problems have not responded to OTC treatments and home remedies, then you may be a candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

 Because it opens up your sinus passages and restores proper drainage, balloon sinuplasty for sinusitis can dramatically reduce your chances of having another sinus infection and provide nighttime relief.

Is balloon sinuplasty painful?

As opposed to traditional sinus surgeries that may include the removal of some nasal bones, balloon sinuplasty is a much gentler option. The procedure does not require that your ENT in South Florida make any incisions. It also doesn’t require the use of packing after the procedure.  

For a day or two after the procedure, patients might feel slight discomfort from headaches or congestion after balloon sinuplasty. However, the most notable effect is long-lasting relief from frequent sinus infections. 

How long does congestion last after a sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty? 

Patients might feel slight discomfort from headaches or congestion after balloon sinuplasty for a day or two. However, the most notable effect is long-lasting relief from frequent sinus infections. Meanwhile, because traditional sinus surgeries include the making of incisions, their aftercare typically requires the use of nasal packing and can last from several days to over a week. 

How do I clean my nose after a sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty? 

Balloon sinuplasty aftercare is simple. To help clean your nasal passages, you will be prescribed a saline solution to use for three to seven days after the procedure. 

If you notice a little blood when cleaning your nasal passages, don’t worry. This is common and should not last long. Waiting 24 hours after the surgery to blow your nose should minimize any bleeding. 

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While there is a chance you might experience congestion after balloon sinuplasty, this discomfort is often worth the years of relief balloon sinuplasty affords. In choosing to undergo a balloon sinuplasty, before and after can be like night and day. As an out-patient procedure, balloon sinuplasty affords you quicker congestion relief with less risk than traditional sinus surgeries.

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