On the lookout for an ENT of South Florida? Or more specifically, an ENT in Tampa or an ENT in West Palm Beach, Florida?

South Florida presents its own unique set of medical and surgical challenges for individuals with ear, nose, and throat problems. That’s why when looking for an ENT of the South Florida region, we recommend that South Florida patients look for an ENT with experience practicing in the area.

Here at Sinus Solutions of South Florida, we have the expertise and knowledge to help South Florida residents find the relief they’ve been searching for. Discover more about what your local ENT of South Florida can do for you and your loved ones.

Our top ENT of South Florida treatments

Balloon sinuplasty for allergies, sinusitis, and more

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that provides relief from chronic sinus issues in less than 20 minutes. Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty does not require the cutting of tissue. Instead, a small balloon is used to inflate the sinus cavities and perform proper sinus drainage.

The procedure has proved highly successful at providing long term relief from common chronic sinus problems, including sinusitis, allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, and more.

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Hearing aids & other hearing loss treatments

Losing your hearing can be a scary and isolating experience, but the staff at Sinus Solutions of South Florida is here to help. Dr. Bequer provides doctor-approved hearing aids and will work with you to make sure they suit your needs and work properly.

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Please note that if you lost your hearing suddenly, the likelihood of hearing recovery improves with immediate action.

Allergy treatments

Residents of South Florida know that we have an (almost) year-round allergy “season.” With Florida’s temperate climate, we are a haven for pollen. From balloon sinuplasty to ClariFix to other sinus surgeries (including nasal turbinate treatment), our team will work with you to find the solution to your allergy needs.  

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More treatments  

ENT doctors — also called otolaryngologists — treat an extremely wide array of diseases and disorders of the earn, nose, throat, head, and neck. Dr. Napoleon G. Bequer is no different! Having worked as an ENT of South Florida for over 30 years, he is uniquely qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of South Floridians’ sinus issues.

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Find relief at Sinus Solutions of South Florida.

Whether you found us by searching for ENT near me, ENT of South Florida, ENT in Tampa, or ENT in West Palm Beach, Florida, we’re glad you made your way to Sinus Solutions of South Florida and look forward to helping you achieve the relief you deserve. For more information, give us a call at 561-790-7744 or request a consultation online today.

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