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What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

What is balloon sinuplasty? Balloon sinuplasty is a balloon treatment for chronic sinusitis. It's a quick, minimally-invasive, in-office procedure that requires little to no recovery time. During the procedure, your physician inserts and inflates a small balloon within strategic locations in your sinus passageways, clearing them and restoring healthy drainage.

Balloon sinuplasty has a high success rate

Balloon sinuplasty has proven to be highly effective and successful with patients whose sinus infections don’t respond to medications or other sinus treatments, specifically for those who have at least four sinus infections a year or a sinus infection for more than 12 weeks.

In balloon sinuplasty reviews, patients have reported long-lasting results after their balloon treatment for chronic sinusitis. This news may come as a relief to those patients asking, “Am I a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?

The procedure: balloon treatment for chronic sinusitis

What is involved in the balloon sinuplasty procedure? This question often follows that of “What is balloon sinuplasty?” And for a good reason — sinusitis symptoms are a pain, but the thought of a procedure can be overwhelming for some.

The good news is that the balloon sinuplasty procedure is, for many, a much-needed step up from traditional chronic sinusitis surgery. These risky surgeries often entail the removal of both nasal bone and tissue and require a lengthy recovery time.

Balloon sinuplasty has been shown to provide relief to patients struggling with blocked sinuses, persistent sinusitis symptoms, and other ear, nose, and throat disorders. The balloon treatment for chronic sinusitis can be broken down into three steps.

  1. Your physician inserts a tiny and flexible balloon catheter into the inflamed or blocked sinus passageways.
  2. Your physician inflates the balloon catheter, enlarging the opening of your blocked sinuses so that mucus can drain more freely.
  3. The physician sends a saline solution through the catheter and into your sinuses. This solution clears out any excess mucus blocking the sinus cavity.

The balloon sinuplasty procedure is brief (often lasting less than 30 minutes) and can be performed in-office with the possibility of general anesthesia. You will leave the clinic with your sinuses reopened and restructured, allowing you to find relief from chronic sinusitis, sinus pain, and sinus pressure.

How long do the effects of balloon sinuplasty last?

What is balloon sinuplasty? It’s brief, but it comes with big benefits. Many balloon sinuplasty patients report long-lasting relief from their chronic sinusitis and allergies. These improvements are tremendous, especially when you consider that the recovery time for balloon sinuplasty is also minimal.

Balloon sinuplasty patients experience a quick recovery. Most balloon sinuplasty patients experience little to no pain post-surgery and can return to work and normal activity within 24 hours of the procedure. However, it is possible for there to be minor blood drainage and swelling. In some cases, your physician may prescribe antibiotics or steroids to alleviate discomfort and prevent infection.

Get the relief you deserve with balloon sinuplasty!

Now that you know the answer to “What is balloon sinuplasty?” it’s likely that you have other questions, such as “Can balloon sinuplasty fix a deviated septum?” or “what does balloon sinuplasty cost?” These are the kinds of questions that the professionals at Sinus Solutions of South Florida can answer.

If you struggle with sinus infections regularly and for long durations, it may be time to consider balloon sinuplasty in Tampa or West Palm Beach. Dr. Bequer, a leading ENT doctor with locations in both West Palm Beach and Tampa, has performed hundreds of sinuplasty procedures. Launch your own sinus success story by calling Sinus Solutions of South Florida at 561-790-7744 to request a consultation today.

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