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Chronic Sinusitis Surgery

Your sinuses and sinus cavities produce mucus that moisturizes the nasal passages and keeps pollutants and diseases at bay. Eventually, this mucus needs to drain out, and it’s when the sinus passages get blocked that sinus problems arise. That’s when your doctor will start telling you about sinus problems and snoring, sinusitis and sleep apnea, nasal polyps in sinusitis, and chronic sinus infections.

The purpose of chronic sinusitis surgery procedures is to clear those blocked sinus openings if non-surgical medical treatment isn’t up to the task.

How is chronic sinusitis treated? Types of chronic sinusitis surgery

Should you decide that you need sinus surgery, you and Dr. Bequer will choose from several sinus surgery options. The selection of your particular chronic sinusitis surgery procedure will vary depending on the extent and severity of the sinus problems being addressed.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)

Due to its popularity, one of the most frequent questions we receive at Sinus Solutions of South Florida is, “What is endoscopic sinus surgery?” During FESS, your physician will insert an endoscope (a fiber-optic tube) into your nostril. The endoscope makes it possible for the doctor to see the openings of the nose and sinuses. Other tools are then inserted into the endoscope and used to clean out obstructions.

Benefits of FESS include:

  • Improved breathing and relief from symptoms
  • No external scarring
  • Less extensive and invasive surgery — side effects such as discomfort and swelling are mild**
  • Can be performed in-office
  • Can be performed multiple times, if necessary

Image-guided surgery

This type of sinus surgery is meant for more severe sinus obstructions. The procedure follows the same steps as FESS, but the doctor also uses a CT scan and infrared signals to clear the sinus passages more thoroughly and accurately, as well as to navigate to difficult-to-reach sinus passages.

Benefits of image-guided surgery include:

  • Improved breathing and relief from symptoms
  • No external scarring
  • More thorough and precise excavation of blockages than FESS
  • More confidence navigating around the sinuses, which reside close to the eyes and brain

How long does it take for chronic sinusitis surgery?

There is no one right answer to this question. The length of your sinus surgery will depend on the type of chronic sinusitis surgery procedure you have, and the severity and cause of your sinus conditions.

What should I expect after sinus surgery?

Directly after your chronic sinusitis surgery procedure, it’s likely that nasal packing (a sterile, gauze-like material) will be administered. Some nasal packing is made to dissolve. Others must be removed.

It’s common to experience fatigue, congestion, and bleeding after any sinus surgery, but most symptoms are mild and can be controlled with medication. Your doctor may prescribe a round of antibiotics (which you should always complete) and saline solutions for rinsing.

It is especially important to follow your doctor’s instructions after sinus surgery. Sinus surgery risks are very rare; however, the sinuses are located in a sensitive area on your body, so it’s wise to take care of them as directed.

How long does it take to recover from sinus surgery?

Chronic sinusitis surgery recovery does not typically last long; most people can return home the same day of the procedure, and the side effects of the surgery typically clear up within a week of the operation. It is smart to consult with your doctor about when you should return to work.

**A brief note on the balloon sinuplasty procedure

Many ear, nose, and throat doctors have started to move away from traditional sinus surgery in favor of balloon sinuplasty, a procedure which enlarges sinus openings by inflating a tiny balloon in the nasal cavity. While all the different types of sinus surgery have their benefits, balloon sinuplasty is less invasive andless risky. It also requires less surgical disruption of the anatomy and a shorter recovery time.

Had one too many sinus infections?

If your sinusitis symptoms keep coming back, then it may be time to consider sinus surgery. Dr. Bequer and the staff at Sinus Solutions of South Florida in both the Tampa and West Palm Beach areas will work with you to find which sinus surgery best suits your needs. Don’t let a runny nose ruin your life. Contact us at 561-790-7744 and request a consultation today.

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