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ClariFix® Cryotherapy for Chronic Rhinitis

ClariFix cryotherapy is a revolutionary, FDA-approved allergy and sinus treatment. It freezes the posterior nasal nerve, or PNN (the nerve in the nose that indicates when mucus should be made) and provides patients with symptom relief from chronic rhinitis (a chronic runny nose or congestion).

For those with chronic rhinitis, a runny or stuffy nose doesn’t respond to traditional medication such as nasal sprays, drops, and pills. The ClariFix procedure can mean the difference between living a normal life and being miserable every day.

The ClariFix procedure

Despite the fact that the ClariFix cryotherapy for rhinitis can bring about a drastic improvement in the life of a patient, it is a brief, straightforward procedure that consists of three main steps.

  • First, your doctor places the ClariFix balloon (also known as the ClariFix cryoablation device, or a cooling probe) into your nose.
  • Then, with the help of an endoscope, the doctor places the ClariFix balloon next to the PNN.
  • Finally, the PNN is cooled with nitrogen gas in the ClariFix balloon, reducing the patient's nasal congestion or runny nose as soon as seven days after the procedure.

Benefits of ClariFix cryotherapy for rhinitis

  • The ClariFix procedure is minimally-invasive and typically painless: ClariFix doesn’t involve the cutting of tissue or bone, and patients report feeling little to no pain.
  • ClariFix has long-lasting effects: ClariFix reviews are very positive, reporting long-lasting improvements and a significant reduction (or elimination) of symptoms of chronic rhinitis.
  • The ClariFix procedure can be performed in-office: You’ll receive long-lasting relief from chronic rhinitis in a familiar setting and from a doctor you know and trust.
  • The ClariFix procedure lasts about 3 minutes: Imagine all the time you’ll save not dealing with your chronic rhinitis once you’ve had this very, very quick procedure!
  • Recovery from the ClariFix procedure is effortless: Most patients are up and out of their doctor’s office 30 minutes after their ClariFix procedure and can return to work and regular activities within 24 hours.
  • ClariFix side effects, if they occur, are manageable and brief: Some patients have reported a slight headache after a procedure, which they have likened to the “brain freeze” headaches they receive after eating ice cream too quickly. As with any nasal surgery, some sensitivity, bleeding, and congestion is to be expected as you heal.

Say goodbye to chronic rhinitis with ClariFix

If you’re one of the 24 million people who suffer from chronic rhinitis, ClariFix could finally give you the relief you seek. Dr. Bequer and Sinus Solutions of South Florida are here to answer your ClariFix questions and help you freeze out your chronic rhinitis. Contact us at 561-790-7744 to request a consultation today to find the closest sinus infection doctor near me.