If you or a loved one suffer from frequent sinus infections, you know that living with chronic sinusitis is an exhausting and frustrating experience. From the constant drainage to the sinus headaches and bad nights of sleep, frequent sinus infections can make it hard to function, let alone enjoy life.

Fortunately, those who suffer from frequent sinus infections now have more treatment options than ever before. Discover what can cause frequent sinus infections and how you can leverage home remedies or procedures such as balloon sinuplasty to find relief.

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What causes frequent sinus infections?

When you live in a constant state of sinus discomfort, it’s natural to ask, “Why do I always get sinus infections?” The trick to understanding why you are experiencing frequent sinus infections is knowing and understanding your triggers. 

For some, sinus infections are caused by other compounding sinus illnesses. An untreated cold or chronic allergies can wreak havoc on your immune system and create the perfect conditions for a bacterial, fungal, or viral sinus infection.

Others may be more susceptible to frequent sinus infections because of their anatomy; having a deviated septum or even nasal polyps increases your likelihood of experiencing both occasional and frequent sinus infections.

Finally, your environment can also play a big role in determining your susceptibility to sinus infections. People who live where the weather is dry or who spend the majority of their time in strong air conditioning are more likely to experience dry sinuses, which can also contribute to sinus infections.

Do any of these conditions sound like they might be contributing to your frequent sinus infections? Keep in mind that you might be struggling with more than one of these issues!

What happens if you let a sinus infection go untreated?

Untreated sinus infections can linger for quite some time, which in turn can lead to additional health complications and sinus issues. Because the sinuses are found throughout the face and head, a problem with one part of your sinuses can cause issues elsewhere. 

For example, while your main sinus infection symptom may be congestion, an untreated sinus infection can spread and cause hearing issues, tinnitus, teeth pain, and other symptoms. In extreme cases, a sinus infection can also be deadly. If a sinus infection is allowed to spread to the brain, it can cause meningitis or brain abscesses. 

In short, it’s best not to ignore a sinus infection that won’t go away.

How can I stop recurring sinus infections?

Now that you know why frequent sinus infections occur, you’re likely curious about how to get rid of them. Some patients are able to address their frequent infections by employing several chronic sinusitis treatment home remedies. To learn more about these remedies, check out our article on how to prevent sinus infections.  

Unfortunately, many patients who struggle with frequent sinus infections are simply unable to nip their infections in the bud with home remedies and OTC medication alone. That’s why knowing when to see your ENT is so important.

When applicable, your ENT can prescribe you a round of antibiotics or suggest an alternative, more proactive treatment such as sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty.

Sinus infection surgeries and procedures

You should never take surgery lightly, and sinus surgery is no different. Traditionally sinus surgery often requires cutting of the bone and tissue surrounding your sinuses and necessitates a lengthy amount of recovery time. While these surgeries may be effective, they are sometimes simply too much of a commitment for patients.

Fortunately, the balloon sinuplasty procedure offers a minimally-invasive alternative to many individuals who struggle with frequent sinus infections. During this procedure, a small, endoscopic balloon is placed in the sinuses and inflated slightly, expanding the sinus cavities and restoring proper drainage.

The whole process typically takes less than 20 minutes and can be performed in-office. Furthermore, balloon sinuplasty has an incredibly high success rate (around 95 percent!) and has been shown to provide fast, long-lasting relief from frequent sinus infections.

Stop frequent sinus infections with balloon sinuplasty at Sinus Solutions of South Florida

If you or a loved one struggles with chronic or frequent sinus infection, know that you have options. The experienced and caring ENTs and staff of Sinus Solutions of South Florida will work with you until you get the sinus relief you need to get back to living your life to the fullest.

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